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We will never sell, trade, or otherwise share your registration information without your express permission. We do not and will not send spam. It degrades the quality of the Internet and we won't be a part of it. The only email you will receive from this site will be email you initiate, for example confirmation of a new account or a lost password request.

The only user tracking we do is for internal metrics and improvements. It is also private and will not be shared except on this site in anonymous ways; eg, most viewed pages statistics.

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We use cookies to track user sessions. There is no information in the cookie besides a session id. It is not necessary to use cookies to read pages on site but it is necessary to be a registered user and use site services.

We use JavaScript in the chat only right now. It's used to make sure the chat box is the right size and to keep the chat refreshing from occuring in the midst of chatting (while you type it will not refresh).

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Do you keep a log of the chat?
Not a permanent log but a rolling log that never exceeds a few hours.
Who can see the chat?
Everyone who has JavaScript enabled, including non-registered users and visitors. Only registered users can use it but it's there for all to read.

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