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The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Edward R. Tufte

Visual elements on the user interface are, as Churchill described military strategy, 'All things ... always on the move simultaneously." At the heart of design is the endlessly contextual and interactive nature of visual elements.

No other book has me both dipping into for pleasure and close reading for further advancement of my own feeble grasp on design.

What a debt we owe the incomparable Edward Tufte for his Visual Display of Quantitative Information and, if I can sneak this in, the equally beautiful and informative partner, Visual & Statistical Thinking: Displays of Evidence for Decision Making (ASIN: 0961392134).

Part I covers Graphical Excellence, Graphical Integrity, and Sources of Graphical Integrity and Sophistication.

Part II gets down to business: Theory of Data Graphics: Data-ink and graphical redesign; Chartjunk: vibrations, grids and ducks; Data-in maximization and graphical design; Multifunctioning graphical elements; Data density and small multiples; and Aesthetics and technique...

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